AIRO Optimization in Public Transport and Shared Mobility

News 2018

• 25-27 June 2018: AIRO OPTSM organizes several sessions at the Joint EURO/ALIO International Conference 2018 on Applied Combinatorial Optimization (EURO/ALIO 2018) which will be held in Bologna:
• 25 June 2018: AIRO OPTSM organizes a Round Table on Operations Research in the Railway Industry at the Joint EURO/ALIO International Conference 2018 on Applied Combinatorial Optimization (EURO/ALIO 2018) which will be held in Bologna:


• 20-22 September 2017: AIRO OPTSM organized three sessions on Railway Optimization and Airline Scheduling at the European Conference on Stochastic Optimization which was held in Rome.
• A special issue to appear on the Journal of Advanced Transportation on “Simulation and Optimization for Railway Operations Management”



AIRO-OPTSM is the thematic chapter of the Italian Operational Research Society (AIRO) devoted to Optimization in Public Transport and Shared Mobility, and was formally established during the ODS 2017 Conference. It includes researchers and practitioners interested in Operations Research methods applied to real-life problems arising in public transport (such as railway operations optimization, airline scheduling, air traffic and transport optimization, planning and control of urban transportation systems) and in shared mobility (such as car sharing, dial-a-ride, flexible transportation modes). The main goals are to improve the cost efficiency and effectiveness of the public transport system and the quality of service offered to the passengers, to assess the possible implementation of new transport and mobility policies, and to investigate the potential of new public transport and shared mobility modes that are becoming popular.

Main aims
1. Create a network of experts in transport and mobility optimization to promote national and international collaborations both within academia and involving industrial partners, increase the visibility of AIRO members in other associations of experts, and stimulate the participation to open calls of national/international research projects. This network should become a reference point for national transport and mobility companies and authorities looking for experts in the field, and it should increase the interest for joint projects.
2. Organize thematic sessions at the annual AIRO conferences and at other international conferences (EURO, IFORS, INFORMS), and offer doctoral schools, workshops and seminars on Operations Research techniques to solve transport and mobility problems;
3. Share information on seminars, workshops, conferences and open calls of projects on the main research areas in order to attract researchers, industrial partners and authorities, and to intensify the knowledge and application of state-of-the-art Operations Research methods.

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